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For the News Media


"This is a victory for DES Daughters. Sadly, Eli Lilly did not have to admit fault but in our society a settlement is as much an admission of guilt as anything else.

The trial was closely watched by those who were exposed to DES and the outcome provides a feeling of vindication, of holding the drug maker accountable for the harm that was caused.

In the DES community there is a sense of pride in the women who stood up to Eli Lilly and came away successful. We hope this settlement contributes to their happiness and wellbeing. But of course, no amount of money can ever make up for the harm caused by DES."

Fran Howell, Executive Director

DES Action USA



The media contact for DES Action is Executive Director Fran Howell, who will reply promptly to your queries when you contact us. Fran can connect you with a wide array of people from the DES community who would be available for interviews:

• DES Mothers
• DES Daughters
• DES Sons
• DES Grandchildren
• Medical experts
• Researchers
• Lawyers


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