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Why I Joined DES Action USA:
I am grateful for access to clear, straightforward, up-to-date information every time I face another surgery or health challenge. It empowers me to be an advocate for myself, sometimes in the face of medical professionals who seem uninterested or dismissive about my DES exposure. Joining also helps me know I am not alone.”  
Carolyn, a DES Daughter

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* A NEW BOOK about the DES experience! Silent Trauma by Judith Barrow is fiction but facts are true. Help spread DES awareness - get the book for a friend.

* So proud! DES Action is a Top-Rated nonproft by the group Great Nonprofits! Read our awesome reviews.

* What Happened To Us Should Never Happen Again" - a Psychology Today blog post by DES Action USA Executive Director Fran Howell.

* The risk for Clear Cell Adenocarcinoma (CCA) remains a concern for DES Daughters. An analysis suggests an elevated risk for this vaginal/cervical cancer in DES Daughters as they age.

* A well written BLOG: "The Journal of a DES Daughter" who lives in the U.K. shows just how international the DES tragedy is.

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