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DES Action USA is the only national organization for all individuals exposed to DES, their families and health care providers. DES Action has been serving the DES-exposed community for 30 years.

Contact us for information regarding DES. We will send it to you by postal mail. Please be specific regarding your needs. Are you a DES Mother, Daughter, Son, etc., so we can target what we send specifically to you.

What we are able to provide:

  • General information about DES health consequences and recommended screenings
  • Physician Referral list for DES Daughters (please note, we have some referrals for DES Sons but they are scarce and mostly in urban areas)
  • Directions for doctors on how to do a proper DES Daughter Pap/pelvic exam
  • Comprehensive brochure about DES

What we are not able to provide:

  • Financial assistance in paying for health care or insurance

Contact us by phone
Toll-Free: 1-800-DES-9288

Contact us by mail
(Please note our new address)

DES Action USA
P.O. Box 7296
Jupiter, FL 33468

Tell us what information you would like and provide a mailing address so we can send it right out to you.

Contact us by email at

Information is sent to you via postal mail, so please include your complete name and postal address in your email.




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